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We are working to help our kids to grow with proper health, education and other human rights. 

Why this Program?

During the Covid Pandemic when children are confined within their home, Songjog has been constantly trying to think out of box for them. Songjog has been taking initiatives like “Bijoy Olympiad 2020”, “Omor Ekushe 2021,” and “Independence Day Celebration” program for kids to improve their mental health. These programs are designed to encourage children of all ages to explore their creative sphere. Instead of being bored and frustrated, Songjog is helping them to keep active through various competitions and online training sessions. Also, the Songjog Medical Helpline is a savior for your child’s peace of mind and well-being currently in Covid.

Indepecdence Day Celebration 2020

Songjog organized competition on singing patriotic song, poem reciting and drawing in spirit of the Independence Day in March. 

 In this memorable occasion, Songjog included a segment with interviews of freedom fighters. Freedom fighters shared their sacrifice and experience with our youngsters. Songjog also arranged a flyer design competition for novice graphic designers.

Songjog Bijoy Olympiad

Songjog Connecting People organized a small video making competition on Children thoughts over Victory Day. Length of the submitted video was one minute. সংযোগ also encouraged submission and presentation of Songs/ dance/quiz/Drawing/self-written poetry/creative presentation etc. for this joyous occasion.

Songjog day Celebration

Songjog team arranged a day long program in 10 different orphanages in different districts of the country. Around 500 orphans were involved in this program. Songjog day includes activities like:
  • Planting 150 native trees in 10 orphanages
  • Recitation of the Quran
  • Prayer for people suffering and passed away due to Covid
  • Iftar and Dinner

Songjog has always worked from the beginning to address the plight of the helpless people in the global epidemic. In its continuation, Songjog in collaboration with Sandhani Kendriya Parishad and Ononno Bangladesh distributed Eid clothes among the children of indigent families living in slum areas of Ranavola area under Uttara of the capital today.

Sonjog in Search of Master Minds

Songjog hosted a live quiz show tournament “Master Minds” for school and college students. The first round was held separately for 20 students in high school category and college category. 4 people from both categories went to the final round. 

Everyone in the final round received a crest, book, and mask. There were Songjog Educational Gift Vouchers for Champion and Runner-up of the two categories with which the student can buy any educational course at any time, along with the crest, book, and mask.

Campus Ambassador

Campus ambassador is an on-going volunteering program coordinated by Songjog. Students from different institutions in different cities come forward to become a campus ambassador. Strong willed and determined students devote themselves in promoting awareness on current issues around themselves. 

Campus ambassadors have also created a well-connected network acquiring information about people in need.

Songjog 21st February Competition 2021

Songjog organized a competition on International Mother Language day for kids of all ages. More than 200 young minds took part in this competition. Participators received certificate, mask, Pran gift items, book, and jute items.

The competition was divided among below categories:

Poem reciting, Drawing, Dancing, Essay writing, Singing, Creative presentations, Acting, Speech, Self-written poem etc

High School Grade Programming Online Course (March-2021)

Songjog brought a wonderful online training session for students from Class Six to Class Ten with the basics of computer programming.



  • Ashish Kumar Bhowmik (Technology Associate, Morgan Stanley)

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