Songjog Oxygen Service for Covid-19 Patients


Whenever we hear of COVID-19, the first scenario that comes to our mind is a person who is having trouble breathing. It is the most crucial stage for a Covid patient. As a result, the demand for oxygen cylinders is high, while supplies are limited. But an oxygen cylinder or concentrator is a necessity for the severely infected covid-19 patient.

So, Songjog oxygen service is working to ease this situation by delivering oxygen at the patient’s door. Family members don’t have to go through troubles, only a call to their nearest oxygen hub, and the volunteer team of ‘Songjog Connecting People’ will handle the rest.


To involve with our oxygen cylinder service activity:

  1. If you have an empty cylinder in your home, you can donate it to us. We will refill your donated cylinder with oxygen and deliver it to the people who require it.
  2. If there are unused oxygen cylinders in your factory, you can send them to us. We have a technical expert team working with oxygen cylinders. If they give their clearance, we will reuse these cylinders.
  3. It is a big challenge to deliver an oxygen cylinder instantly to the patient. So, if you are unemployed and aspire to work in our program for an honorarium or as a volunteer, you can contact us through our Facebook page, group, or e-mail.
  4. You can also buy an oxygen concentrator from the Songjog shop or any other reliable place and donate it to our oxygen support team. Your kind gesture can save the lives of many people in this corona outbreak.

To get an oxygen cylinder or concentrator machine:

  1. The current condition of the patient should be informed (doctor’s prescription and visible symptoms of the patient). In this case, we request you to provide information on the Facebook group or the official Songjog page.
  2. Our Songjog medical team will monitor the patient’s prescription and confirm the urgency for oxygen. After the consent of the Songjog doctors, we will send oxygen cylinders to your home.
  3. You need to submit the following documents to get an oxygen cylinder:
  • a picture of the national identity card (digital) of the patient and one of his/her family members,
  • the patient’s prescription
  • a certificate of the requirement of an oxygen cylinder is needed from a doctor
  1. You can keep the oxygen cylinder for a maximum of four days. After four days, the oxygen support team will contact and bring it back. In case of refills, a doctor’s consultation is needed.


We started the Songjog oxygen support team first centering on Dhaka with only 15 cylinders. Now, within this short period of our service, we have oxygen hubs in 57 districts all over the country. Our goal is to set an oxygen hub in every district in Bangladesh so that people in our country can get access to oxygen service effortlessly.