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Recent Activities

Sonjog is there for people in any way we can. Songjog has attracted a large number of philanthropic individuals and institutions. These individuals and organizations are dedicated to Songjog.

Launching of Songjog Ambulance Services

Songjog has launched a new ambulance to provide ambulance service to the poor people of Bangladesh.

Launching of Songjog's Hotline Number

For facilitating communication and help-seeking, Songjog has launched their Hotline Number. Using this number, anyone can contact us 24/7.

Financial help for Avin's Treatment

Songjog has stood by Avin's family for her treatment, a Viqarunnisa Noon School & College student. Avin is getting financial help at a regular interval for her treatment.

Songjog Connecting People

What We do

Songjog Connecting People is working on various sector in Bangladesh. 

Oxygen Service

Songjog oxygen service is working to ease this situation by delivering oxygen at the patient’s door.

Telemedicine service

While the helpless people are constantly struggling with immediate medical advice, this connection has launched a telemedicine service in coordination with various organizations of BUET.

Women Empowerment

Songjog Women Empowerment Project or Songjukta works to empower the underprivileged and marginal women in society.

Caregiver service

Songjog Caregiver center working as a Covid-19 response initiative, helping people to provide care at home for Covid patients and elderly

Youth Skill Development

We are trying to establish the opportunity of having a job for the youths even though there is a national or international crisis.

Songjog for Kids

We are working to help our kids to grow with proper health, education and other human rights. Songjog has been taking various initiatives for kids to improve their mental health.

Songjog Shop

Songjog shop is a social enterprise helping weavers and artisans across Bangladesh by creating market access to their products both locally and globally.

zakat for Sustainable wellbeing

Sustainable wellbeing is one of the goals of zakat distribution whereby the poor are not only able to survive by having the basic needs fulfilled, but also are able to work and fulfill his needs and his family independently.

Songjog Wellwishers

Songjog blog

oxygen for all

Songjog introduces first-ever oxygen app named `Oxyjog’ to ease the oxygen delivery system throughout the country. 

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