Ambulance Project

৳ 1,710.00 of ৳ 2,000,000.00


Shongjog, Connecting People is a voluntary organization, started its journey in March 2020 with a number of enthusiastic Bangladeshi People. From the beginning of the Pandemic Period till now, this organization has been working to help the needy people. Shongjog Medical Helpline (Medihelp) has been launched on 1st April, 2021 as an urgent basis by ‘Shongjog : Connecting People’ to provide 24 hours free urgent aid to scared covid patients online. While the helpless people are constantly struggling with immediate medical advice, this connection has launched a telemedicine service in coordination with various organizations of BUET.

Project Activity

During this pandemic, people any time get affected by decreased oxygen saturation, lung infection, dengue, fever, cough, or any other medical issue, then they are in search of a doctor for medical advice; the patient can get initial free health service at home by calling the prescribed number. In this life-threatening timing, a team of doctors from ‘Shongjog: Connecting People’ is always prepared for the patient’s phone to provide immediate medical services and concern.

For emergency support, people need to contact the doctors from the Shongjog Medical Team. In such a situation, the doctor from the MediHelp team first considers whether the patient needs oxygen and gives some advice and suggests the use of oxygen; shortly afterwards, the oxygen team of Rajbari Hub gave the patient emergency oxygen support. Necessary oxygen supplies (oxygen cylinders and concentrator machines) are delivered to the Corona patient’s home by volunteers of the emergency oxygen supply team immediately.

Now every day countless people from different districts of the country call this helpline. People from remote countryside (i. e. Rajbari Goalondo Upazilla) call at midnight 03.00 am with the dire need of emergency service. Sometimes relatives from patients who are living abroad also call this helpline for immediate medical service.