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Songjog Connecting People Is Next To Blind Mofizal

Songjog Report:

Songjog|Connecting People, a non-government organization, stood by the helpless blind Mofizal In Chilmari, Kurigram. Mofizal Hossain is about 80 years old, can’t move easily let alone work, because of poverty some days get the chance to eat, some days don’t and his days go by like this. Mofizal Hossain lives in Kharkharia Bhattapara of Chilmari Upazila, has four sons, each of them lives separately with their family after getting married, hence, they’re busy with their own families doesn’t have time for their mother and blind father.

Going on the spot, it was observed that Mofizal lives with his wife in a small hut. Even two meals a day is a luxury for them. When Robiul Islam, a volunteer in charge of Chilmari’s Songjog|Connecting People, found out about that, he assured to stay by the side of blind Mofizal. To its continuity (18 February) at 12 o’clock in the afternoon, Mofizal Hossain was given a tin house to live well and 5 improved breeds of goats are provided for subsistence. Mofizal’s blind days of old ages would spend well in this tin house with his wife and if 5 goats are reared, this family of two will live better.

Chilmari Upazila Executive Officer, WM Raihan Shah, SM Nur Amin Sarkar, Editor and Publisher of Weekly Jug Khobor, Journalist Nur Alam Nahid, Shohell Rana, and many others were present during the handing over of tin houses and goats.

Chilmari Upazila Executive Officer WM Raihan Shah said, “If the government or non-government organizations stand by the helpless people in this way, there will be no poverty in this country, InshaAllah.” “Many thanks to Songjog|Connecting People for standing by a helpless poor family like this.” He said. “I hope they will continue this kind of humanitarian work.

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